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Sarah Drew is an award winning cosplayer and prop maker from Central Arkansas. She first discovered her love for cosplay as Lady Loki at Comiconway 2013. Since then she has completed over 40 cosplays from different genres. She is most known for her cosplays of Bowser, Magneto, and Queen Hippolyta, and for building a replica of The Iron Throne from HBO's Game of Thrones. A firm believer that cosplay is for everyone, she hopes to promote body positivity and inspire people of all sizes to cosplay any characters they love.

Cosplay Prize Support

sponsored by the

Faulkner County Library

Cosplay Schedule

8:00 PM Friday at the Faulkner County Library

Cosplay Contest- All category Prize Package TBA

6:00 Saturday at the Conway Expo Center

Kids Cosplay Contest- Kids 12 and Under $50 cash Prize 

Teen Cosplay Contest- Ages 13-18  $100 cash Prize

Adult Cosplay Contest 17 and up

Categories: Anime, Video Game, TV/Movie, Comic book. One winner each category to compete for an overall prize of $150.00 cash

4:00 Sunday at the Conway Expo Center

Group Cosplay Contest- 5:00 PM

Groups consist of two or more cosplayers. Judging is based on group connection. This is great for friends, families and foes. One winner $200 prize.

Cosplay Rules

  • Cosplay is not Consent. No touching another cosplayer without their permission. If you would like to take a photo with a cosplayer, always ask first and respect that person’s right to say no.

  • Your cosplay should be appropriate for all ages. All private areas should be covered at all times.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times.

  • All props must be checked and cleared by con security. If security deems prop dangerous or harmful it will not be allowed entry.

  • No metal weapons.

  • No costume or prop should emit odor, smoke, or fog.

  • No functioning projectile weapons.

  • Attendees should not use prop in a threatening manner.

  • All cosplays should be able to fit through doorways. Cosplayers will require a handler for any big or bulky cosplays, or those with poor visibility. Please stay hydrated and make sure that cosplays are properly ventilated.

  • Be respectful and kind to each other. Most importantly: Have fun!

Official Photographer of ComiConway

Winsor Carrigan Photography


Friday, November 13th

Faulkner County Library

1900 Tyler Street

Conway, AR 72032

Saturday, November 14th

and Sunday, November 15th

Conway Expo and Event Center

2505 East Oak Street

Conway, AR 72032

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