Roland Mann is a writer, professor, and former Marvel Comics editor. As writer, he is best known for co-creating and writing the comic series Cat & Mouse. Roland is also the writer of several other series, including Trumps, Krey, Demon’s Tails, Switchblade and Tiny. As editor, Roland is best known for his work at Malibu/Marvel Comics where he edited a host of titles only comic geeks know. Roland teaches writing for comics at Full Sail University. He occasionally blogs at He is also Editor and Publisher of Silverline, a line of independent comics began in the late 90s now in resurgence:

Thomas Florimonte broke into the comic biz way back in the early 90’s. In that 25+ years, he’s racked long list of comic creator credits and has worked for just about every major publisher out there: Marvel, Malibu, Chaos!, Acclaim, Gallant Comics (to name a few)... His latest projects include new issues of Mystery Girlz,  Zomboy: Kid Hero (INFERNO Studios) & Minture Man series (Gallant Comics / Inks).

Thomas is also co-owner with his long time friend Barry Gregory, of the very popular comic printing company: Ka-Blam Digital Printing- The one stop print house for all comic creators. And also IndyPlanet- A online print-on-demand comics shop that works directly with Ka-Blam. Although never developing a southern accent, Thomas claims he grew up in south Mississippi, he now lives in the central Florida area with his wife Rene’.


John Metych is an educational professional during the day, and a shining light in the comic industry at night. Best known for his highly regarded self-published action / adventure / espionage series - Sniper & Rook, John also serves as an editor for Silverline. As a frequent participant in Silverline's "Wednesday Wham!" online streaming program, he has become well-renown (or well mocked - tomato, tomato) for both his impressive PowerPoint skills as well as his dislike of a specific actor (who shall remain nameless.) John is an awesome single dad of one awesome son, two awesome pups, and hails from the not-so-awesome state of Illinois.  A first time guest of this show, John is extremely excited to be participating in several panels at ComiConway this year, allowing him to present, discuss, answer questions, and share his vast comic knowledge all throughout the multiple-weekend show!! 


Brent Larson grew up in southern Arizona. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a communication degree, which he chose because math and science were already taken. Since then he’s written books, pamphlets, curricula, corporate communication, a web series, pretty much everything but technical manuals, because he doesn’t know how anything works. He eventually settled into his current occupation, writing and producing short narrative films. He has made films in such far flung places as South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, and Shreveport. You can see some of his work at His comic-writing education is grounded firmly in his frequent purchasing of them since he was a kid. Kayless is his first creator-owned comic book, and so far it’s turning out much better than he imagined. Brent lives and works in Orlando, Florida with his sci-fi movie-loving wife, which makes him feel like, face it, tiger, he hit the jackpot.


Peter Clinton is a comic book artist from London, England who is currently pencilling, Champion and Miss Fury for Silverline Comics. He has previously worked with Cloudscape Comics, White Dwarf Comics, Upper Deck Entertainment as well as other small press publishers. He is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School in Dover, NJ and winner of the Joe Kubert Jump Start Project Award.


Rob Davis began his professional art career doing illustrations for role-playing games. Working with a number of independent publishers he began lettering and inking, then penciling comics—most notably for Malibu Comics on Scimidar with writer R.A. Jones. Rob began working on likeness-intensive comics like TV adaptations of Quantum Leap and Star Trek’s many incarnations: primarily on the Deep Space Nine comics for Malibu but also on DC’s Star Trek comics. Under his own publishing banner Rob has produced the books  Robyn of Sherwood with writer Paul Storrie and Daughter of Dracula with writer Ron Fortier. Rob is Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for the New Pulp publisher Airship 27 Productions partnered with writer/editor Ron Fortier. Rob is the recipient of the Pulp Factory Award for “Best Interior Illustrations” in 2010 and 2015 for his work on Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. He works and lives in central Missouri with his wife and two children.

John Martin is a Memphis native who’s working his way into the industry with taps from Maw productions and Heycat comics to provide inks on projects. He has also slung ink on a short web comic, Box of Oddity, that was on The Buzz Kill magazine. com. Recently published by Antarctic Press where I did some inking in Steam Age Wasteland and inked a short story penciled by Mitch Foust that was in the 901 Anthology by Bad Dog Comics.

Alex Gallimore is a recent graduate of the Kubert School and a resident of Texas. Cat & Mouse is his first published work. Alex’s influences include Greg Capullo, Sean Murphy, and Stuart Immonen.

Tim T.K. is the Associate Editor at Silverline Comics, a published short-fiction writer, and a digital content producer. Tim created and wrote the Silverline title Wolf Hunter as well as several pieces of science fiction, but is most well known for his short story Family which has been collected in three different anthologies. Tim thinks sharks are rad.

Sid VenBlue is a bird lover, tea addict, and sometimes a robot. Born in Chile (1992). She has focused on her drawing career at the age of 9. After finishing her major in digital design and programming she decided to leave hometown to focus on the sole study of commercial art at the Joe Kubert School and training both her traditional and digital skills and putting them into practise in conventions like NYCC. Her current aim is to bring her own culture and signature in the comic book industry, but always open to try new experiences in different areas like animation or illustration.


Jeremy Kahn is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design where he majored in Sequential Art and minored in Creative Writing; Jeremy currently works as a freelance colorist having done work for a number of publishers ranging from Viper Comics to most recently American Mythology. Additionally, he is self-publishing an all-ages comic title, Alien Summer which he is providing the script, colors, and lettering for. In the past, he has also worked as a flatter on such high-profile projects as Boom! Studios, Bill and Ted go to Hell and Welcome Back.

Mike W. Belcher is an eastern Kentucky guy who’s had a lifelong love of comics. So much, he likes to spend his extra time creating them and helping friends do the same. Mike publishes and creates the comic “Man in the Mask” with his son, Aiden, on color. The book is an all ages story about a man continuing a masked legacy started by his grandfather. He also dabbles with his day job as an award winning freelance graphic designer. You can find more about Mike and his comic at and, as well as, purchase books at

Kurtis Fujita serves as the Creative Director at Silverline Comics and the Editor on the Kayless series. His lengthy career in Entertainment includes work at Malibu/Marvel Comics as both a member of Editorial Staff and a Color Designer for some of the company’s leading titles including Spiderman & Ultraforce. He has also worked as a Conceptual Artist and Computer Artist in the video game industry for companies like Sony Playstation on noteworthy properties like “Lord of the Rings” and X-Men. Additionally, Kurtis is a Kung Fu Master who teaches as Head Instructor at his Martial Arts studio, Tiger Crane Kung Fu. He aims to unite both his passion for Comic Books and Martial Arts in a soon to be announced comic book series.


Roberta Conroy is a Los Angeles, CA native artist working in the field of comic books, magazine publishing and commercial art. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Univ. Northridge in traditional Illustration and Graphic Design. In the early 90s, Roberta became part of Malibu Comic’s coloring staff working on such titles as Prime, Nightman, Ultraforce, Sludge, Prototype, among many others and then onto coloring all the major Marvel titles, as well as specialized Marvel character trading cards for Fleer. Recently, Roberta has been the Art Director for Paisano and Motortrend Publications. Now she is working as a graphic designer by day and also coloring for Silverline Comics on the titles Cat & Mouse and the new Champ and Miss Fury.


RA Jones has a long and storied career in comics. Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he still resides, R.A. has been a professional writer and editor for more than 35 years.

            He broke into comics writing columns for Amazing Heroes which led him to the Executive Editor position at Elite Comics. When Malibu Comics started their line, RA’s Dark Wolf was one of the first comics they published. RA also wrote such titles as Scimidar; Fist of God; Merlin; Sinbad; White Devil; The Protectors; Ferret; Nightman; Prototype and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. RA has also done work for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image Comics.

            In recent years, R.A. has focused primarily on prose fiction.  Among the works he has written or co-written are three volumes of “The Steel Ring Saga.”  These novels — entitled The Steel Ring; Twilight War and The House of Souls — feature the same Golden Age superheroes R.A. used in his Protectors comic book series, but reimagined and placed back in their original time period amidst the chaos of World War II. He has also written Scimidar, a new and original novel featuring the comics character he created.  Other books include Deathwalker; Gun Glory; Comanche Blood; The Equation; Motor City Manhunt and most recently Bass Reeves: Frontier Marshal Vol. 3. RA is the writer for Twilight Grimm and White Devil, both new Silverline titles.